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Work Song Pre-order only

Hello there on this brisk morning!

As we move into the coldest months of the year, the pre-order site becomes a great tool for letting the farmers know your local food needs, and reducing their workload so they can have their well deserved winter break.

Abigial’s Bakery and Work Song are pre-order only so please utilize the system so they can bring your your healthy local foods.

Pre-order closes tonight at 9pm, thanks so much, and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Pre-order is open for this week and we wish you all a fantastic New Year!

New, delicious heritage breed eggs are available from Field of Greens, more here >>

And we also have delicious Raw Milk too, with prices unaffected by national trends as recently conveyed in the news.

Happy New Year to all, looking forward to 2013.

Pre-Order Open, Creative Use of Winter Veggies


This week Chef Ashley is turning winter storage crops; beets and cabbage, into a delicious BEET & CARROT SLAW. Order it up and borrow the recipe to put your winter vegetables to an exciting use that is good for you. We will also have gingersnaps baking in the oven.

There are LOTS of holiday choices including some beautiful Sweetgrass Tree Ornaments, Abby’s evergreen and berry holiday centerpieces, Snowman maple syrup…check out the pics on Facebook and visit us Friday.

Enjoy the farmers market pace shopping with fresh brewed NH Coffee, raw milk samples, lots of yummies to taste test, etc.

Pre-Order Closes Tonight, See You Friday

If you haven’t had a chance to stop down yet and visit us, we hope you will soon – it is a massive display of local foods and farmers. Last week MAPLE COTTON CANDY showed up from Gage Hill Sugar Shack, and there was a wonderful array of vegetables, Spanikopita, dog treats… its always a treat to stop in!

We invite you to think local when planning how to stuff those stockings! There are wonderful holiday selections; maple sugar candies and syrup, homemade jams, homemade shampoos and soaps, alpaca fibers, gift certificates, homemade clothes drying racks and more. Choosing to spend locally is also a wonderful gift in itself.

Thank you!

Pre-Order Closes Tonight, New Milk Price

Good morning-

Pre-order closes tonight, please note Eccardt Farm Raw Milk is now $5 per gallon, check it out here. ALSO its important to know that a $3 half gallon reduces down to $2.25 if you bring your own container. Stop in for more details.

Stop by the market and try a milk sample as well as enjoy it in our NH Coffee.

See you Friday.

Pre-Order Open

Good morning we hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend. Pre-order is now open for this Fridays market. Thank you.

Last Call for Thanksgiving Fixings

We’ve got the fixings for Thanksgiving next week… fresh potatoes, onions, breads, greens, pumpkins, turnips, maple syrup, bacon… everything for your holiday table, we hope you’ll choose local and visit us this Friday. Cow Hampshire will be here to join in the fun.

  • Also Good Gaud Designs will be here with her lovely jewelry and hairpieces.
  • Chef Ashley is presenting German Potato Salad.

See you Fri!

Its Thanksgiving Order Week

Hello all-

Abigail’s Bakery has opened up her pie offering for this week only, which includes the gambit of Thanksgiving pies in optional millet or spelt flour (gluten free) choices.

Also Friday will be exciting as Cow Hampshire will be here with live music!

For more details sign up for our regular newsletter at

Pre-Order Closing Tonight

Hello all!

As we prepare for the nor’easter, by Friday it will all be over so we’ll see you on the flip side!

In the meantime order up your food, soaps, craft items – isn’t it fun to anticipate?!

Also, Chef Ashley has been sharing some of her recipes take a look!

See you in a few.

Pre-Order Open

The pre-order site is looking pretty nice with all of your local food needs. Enjoy!